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“To Provide Ultimate Wellness (THAI) Spa Experiences that Rejuvenates our Guests’ Balancing of Healthy Life and Soul.”

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CHIIDA Oil Massage

Chiida Aromatherapy

60 mins. 2,200 THB


60 mins. 2,400 THB


60 mins. 2,400 THB

Lanna Exotic

(TOK-SEN with oil massage)

90 mins. 2,400 THB

CHIIDA Signature Massage

Chii-Shan Therapy (New)

120 mins. 4,500 THB

(Booking 2 days Before)

Chiida Lanna Harmony

60 mins. 3,200 THB

Chiida Ayurvedic Lanna

90 mins. 3,900 THB

AYURVeDIC Therapies Massage

Shiroahbyanga Head

60 mins. 2,400 THB

Abhyanga Full Body

60 mins. 2,500 THB

Shiro Dhara Head

60 mins. 2,800 THB

Kathi Dhara

Head & Back Warm Oil Treatment

120 mins. 4,500 THB

CHIIDA Thai Massage

Head / Back / Shoulder

60 mins. 1,500 THB

Thai Oriental Foot

60 mins. 1,500 THB

Thai Royal / Oriental Full Body

60 mins. 1,700 THB

90 mins. 2,200 THB

Thai Herbal Healer

Lanna Herbal Ball Retreat

90 mins. 2,700 THB

CHIIDA Facial Treatment

Oxygen Silky Facial

30 mins. 1,900 THB

Thai Herbal Facial

60 mins. 2,200 THB

Aromatic Rejuvenate Facial

60 mins. 2,800 THB

Lanna Detoxify Facial

60 mins. 2,900 THB

CHIIDA Hydrotherapy

Honey Milky Bath

30 mins. 850 THB

Aromatic Floral Bath

(Aromatic/Thai Herbal)

30 mins. 850 THB

HAIr spa & Body scrub/wrap

Hair Spa

Thai Herbal Hair Spa & Head Massage

90 mins 2,800 THB

Body Scrub/Wrap

Seasonal Organic Scrub

Asian Amber Herbal/


30 mins 850 THB

Body Scrub/Wrap

Detoxify Scrub

40 mins 1,900 THB

Spa Package

Ancient Thai Healings

Head, Back & Shoulder Massage for relieve stress followed by a unique technique of Thai Oriental Massage.

2 Hrs. 2,900 THB

Activate Body & Soul

Warming all over the body by heated wet cloth then sport massage by using a blend of refreshing oil to stimulate and revitalize followed by Oxygen silky facial to rejuvenate and restore radiance to the face.

2 Hrs. 3,900THB

Acknowledge Indian Healing

Massage the nape of neck by the herbal warm oil Shiroahbyanga to help relieve muscular pain around the head, neck and upper neck then followed by Abhyanga body massage which pressing Marmas key points to alleviate fatigue tension.

2 Hrs. 4,500 THB

Aromatic Rebalance

Begin with warm compress to relieve your stress, followed by a choice of body scrub or special blended oil of aromatherapy massage to rebalance your body and leave away your stress and fatigue.

2 Hrs. 3,700 THB

CHIIDA Waterfall Therapy (Sukantara)

Aromatic waterfall hot stone foot massage followed by body scrub and Vichy shower. Then massage your body with hot stone and herbal compressed ball to relieve tension, stress and restore your vitality. Finalize with cool compressed ball to balance your body and soul.

3 Hrs. 5,900 THB

CHIIDA Lanna Healing Harmony

Begin with foot warm massage Then using white tea scrub the body to cleaning and make the skin smooth and rebalance your body with Chida Lanna Healing Harmony by 2 therapists then finalize by heated compress and Secret ancient Thai Lanna recipe pouches.

3 Hrs. 6,900THB

CHIIDA Royal Thai - Lanna Ceremony

The Thai ceremony demonstrates the ancient Thai tradition. The program continues with jasmine rice body scrub followed by a Thai floral bath with

"Nam-Ob" (Aroma Herbal Warter) or scented floral water and fresh jasmine flowers. The ceremony finals with the graceful and tranquilizing Lanna massage and facial relieve.

3 Hrs. 5,900 THB

CHIIDA Indian Ceremony

Luxurious your day with the goodness of pure gold body mask after refreshing of herbal sauna then do The Vichy shower to balance the body followed by Abhyanga head massage with Indian herbal warm oil and complete your serenity day with an Ayurvedic body massage for its superb of natural beauty of Asian way.

3 Hrs. 6,900THB

Men's Spa Program

Rebalance & Stress Reliever

Perfect for Businessman, comprises a stimulation and sensual Thai traditional massage followed by In-depth massage of head, back, shoulder and foot reflexology to release tension and increase vitality.

2 Hrs. 3,200 THB

Golfer Revival (Muscle Pain Reliever)

After 18 Holes. What could be better for those aching muscles? Of course, a relaxing bath followed by a soothing Thai herbal heat compress massage and specialized treatment for aching sore feet.

Steam - Foot massage - Thai massage - Herbal heat compress - Facial compress

2 Hrs. 3,900THB

Become Healthy & Energizing

Warm stone foot massage, then experience the exotic aromas and herb that will melt your stress away with the therapeutic of Vichy shower massage, then apply sport warm by using acupressure techniques.

2 Hrs. 3,900 THB

Perfect Men Spa Experience

Special massage setting up for healthy men. Begin with green tea and seaweed body scrub and Chlorophyll mask, then reduce stress and tenseness with sport warm oil massage while removing harmful toxins in your body.

3 Hrs. 5,400THB

Wellness program

Well Fit the Touch of Asian Way

Recommended for Asian

  • Thai Yoga Program, Finishing with Thai herbal drinks service.
  • Chiida Exotic Foot Care / Massage
  • Thai Spice Bath and Herbal Salt Bath Soak Compress.
  • Thai aromatic Massage.
  • Spa Cuisine meal.
  • Thai Herbal Facial Treatment.
  • Abhyanga Indian Head Massage.
  • Finalized with Thai Herbal snack meal and Thai Herbal refreshment service.

6 Hrs. 9,900 THB

Ultimate Perfect Detoxify

  • Thai Yoga Program, Finish with Detoxify drink service.
  • Detoxify body scrub and detoxify warm oil wrap.
  • Spa cuisine meal.
  • Detoxify massage.
  • Detoxify facial treatment.
  • Detoxify foot treatment and Thai herbal ball heat compress.
  • Finalized with Thai herbal snack meal and Detoxify drink.

6 Hrs. 9,900 THB

Romantic Honeymoon (For couple)

Foot bath & Massage, Stream or Thai spice bath, Sesame honey scrub (for 2 ppl.), Aromatic Rejuvenate body & Facial (for 2 ppl.), Finalized with "Kan-toke"

(Thai Lanna Traditional Dinner)

under the Moon and candlelight.

4 Hrs. 13,900 THB