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CHIIDA SPA – Make wellness a part of your life.

Reward yourself with the lavish attention of the caring therapists at CHIIDA Spa. Nestled amidst Chiang Mai’s lush greenery, in an ancient Lanna  architecture embraced by waterfall, CHIIDA Spa is the perfect location for an Ayurvedic and Lanna Natural Spa treatment.

Originated from India, Ayurveda is a holistic science of life prevailing through several thousand years. At CHIIDA Spa this ancient art is combined with customized Lanna herbal treatments and wellness programs: an effective approach to improve your health.

CHIIDA Spa provides an extensive list of programs and treatments such as Ayurvedic-Lanna Spa Packages, Signature Oil Massages, Waterfall Therapy, Yoga training, CHIIDA Lanna Harmony, Ahbyanga Massage , Hot stone and Shirodhara treatments. Products used at the spa are all-natural and non-toxic.

At CHIIDA Spa conscientious attention is paid to every element and produces a completely rejuvenating spa experience. Spa courses include Mountain View yoga session in the morning, vegetarian cuisine and 100% natural product for spa treatments… a cornucopia of blissful rituals devised for your desires with intuition, imagination and expert touch.

CHIIDA Spa, Touch the perfect wellness & secret of Ayurvedic Lanna. Tel. 081-928 8511 and 053- 329 333#132
2 locations: -in town at Best Western Hotel, Cholprathan road. Chiang Mai
– in Mae Rim at Sukantara Waterfall Resort, Chiang Mai.

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