2 hours @ 3,700 Baht

An enlivening and rejuvenating treatment that combines physical manipulation with natural essences scrubs or wrap to revive the body and mind – an ideal remedy for jet lag. Signature essential of Royal, Romance, Refreshing or Relaxing are used for vigorous massage after body exfoliation. Special emphasis is placed on sinuses and other congested areas of the face.


2 hours @ 3,900 Baht

Warming all over the body, then Sport Massage by using a blend of refreshing oil to stimulate and revitalize followed by Oxygen Silky Facial to rejuvenate and restore nature radiance to the face.


2 hours @ 4,500 Baht

Rejuvenate your body and mind with traditional Indian herbal warm oil by deeply relaxing. Shirobhyanga promotes good vision and is excellent remedy for insomnia while at the same time improving circulation and concentration. Special emphasis is placed on treating ‘marmas’, or energy centre’s, in the head, forehead, eyes, ears, neck and shoulder areas. Followed by full body Marmas Ahbyanga which It has a balancing effect on all three doshas or body types and also helps purge toxins, promote youthfulness and increase energy.


2 hours @ 4,900 Baht

Tone up with this invigorating body treatment specially designed to target areas of cellulite. A combination of gel and oil containing ginger, sweet orange and mandarin with juniper berry and rosemary is used to add zest and positive energy. The Traditional Thai aromatic massage with carefully applied pressures rebalances the nervous system. Additionally, special stimulating techniques are applies to buttocks, thighs and stomach.


2 hours @ 4,900 Baht

This is a rare treat combining body and facial treatment for anti-aging benefits for the whole body and facial skin (jurlique Product). Natural and organic grains are used for body exfoliation followed by nurturing with essential oils and creams. The facial massage includes a hydrating and use of damask rose water to enhance circulation.


2 hours @ 3,900 Baht

After 18 holes, what could be better for those aching muscles and to think fantastic shot of the day than a relaxing bath followed by a soothing massage and a specialized treatment for those aching sore feet.

The Treatments includes

1) Deluxe Hydrotherapy Bath with Essential Oils.
2) Choice of Chiida oil massage or Traditional Thai Massage.
3) Oriental Foot Ritual
4) Use of Facilities such as Steam or Sauna




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