Milky Bath & Bubble Bath



Milky Bath

Natural Milky Bath made from fresh milk extract which provide value rich of protein and other minerals to helps nourishing, moisturizing and smoothing for your healthy looking skin.

Milk Extract, Jojoba Oil

Mix Milky bath 1-3 tablespoon into the bath tub. Keep it from light and wet.

003Bubble Bath

Bubble bath use to put in bath tub for soap bubble and smell. It helps to deep cleansing and fresh such as *Mineral water (Bubble bath) *Seaweed (Bubble bath): Seaweed

Mineral water or Seaweed bubble bath
With a value of mineral is containing of Magnesium, Potassium, calcium and etc. It’s Anti of wrinkle skin cell and ad just a balance of body cell. It helps to nourishing, deep cleansing and smoothing skin. It’s gentle of all type skin and good smell from Thai flowers.

Mix bubble bath 1-3 tablespoon for bath tub.

Mineral water or seaweed, Soap base, Jojoba oil

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