Body Scrub & Body Mask


Coconut Scrub Cream

Coconut scrub cream has 2 types for face and body. It has coconut oil and honey oil for nourishing and moisturizing for dry skin.


Yoghurt Bath Salt Scrub

Yoghurt bath salt scrub from sea salt and helps to scrub body skin. It’s gentle, soft and smooth for skins, with a value of yoghurt extract and jojoba oil..


Oxygen Body Mask

Oxygen Body Mask has effective to give more oxygen, deep cleansing and detoxify for skin. It’s gentle for all type skin and reduces oily of skin and pimple.

Mask on body and except lip and eyes. Leave about 10-15 minute and scrub and clean. Use 1-2 times per week.

: When you mask the mud, its feel scratch and smart, because it’s effective of vitamin C.

Special Ingredient

Vitamin C is Anti oxidant and birth control of wrinkle skin, refrain a wrinkle skin and nourish and smooth skin.

Xylitol is from sugar and to refrain of bacterial, refresh and tighten of pore.

Ingredient List

Special composition: White clay, Oxygen Complex, Xylitol

Others: DI Water, Xantan Gum, Glycerin, Paraben Inidaxolidinyl Urea, Cethyl Alcohol, Glycerin Steareth



Yoghurt White Tea body scrub

Yoghurt White Tea Body Scrub use to removed dead skin cell and stimulate skin cell. It has to refresh of skin and whitening and smoothing skin. White tea extract is helps to anti oxidant, reduce wrinkle skin and whitening skin.

Ingredient List
Yoghurt extract, sesame oil, cream base, White tea extract

Apply to scrub body skin (100 g/person), scrub of circle on body and cleansing with water.

3Yoghurt Spirulina Body Mud Mask

t’s a deep pore purifying and whitening mask with natural mineral (Pumice). It is follicle targeting system purifies and moisturizes the skin in one step. The special formulation delivers active lactic acid from yoghurt extract directly and reduces excess sebum, antibacterial activity and refines the skin.

Active Ingredient List

Cleansing body, mask the mud on body (use 100-200 g.) and leave it to dry about 15-20 minute. Then use sponge to clean the mud and take a bath.

006Seaweed Body Scrub Gel

Seaweed helps to adjust a balance of body skin, especially a problem from UV and gentle for all types skin.

Seaweed Body Gel Wrap (Film)

Seaweed gel wrap use for make skin refresh and adjust a balance of skin and reduce the problem from UV.


Amber Gel Body Scrub

Amber gel body scrub has a value from Thai herb such as Turmeric, Cassumunar and Ginger. It’s use to nourishing, maintains a problem of skin disease, scar, reduce wrinkle skin, whitening and smoothing skin.

Active Ingredient List:

Turmeric, Cassumunar, Ginger, Aloe Vera extract, Tamarind extract, Tanaka

Scrub Body Skin 1-2 times per week.

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