Thai Wellness & Massage Training Center

CHIIDA SPA – THAI Professional Wellness & Massage  Training Centre : The Professional Teacher Profile

We are professional in the spa and wellness industry with spa trainer worldwide experienced to serve the student demand in Thai Massage, spa and hospitality program with exclusive Thai service manner. The training centre provides our guests a various spa course to meet each country requirements with our trainer professional team. The students who completely success the spa training program will receive the certificate from The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand.

Also, at our academy will provide you and accommodation with Mountain View environments that give you touch of the nature hill of Chiang Mai city. In the meantime, The Best Western Hotel accommodation will give you special rate for long stay visit including foods. No need for transportation cost, moreover, you can have a real practice simulate spa business to acquire more Thai Spa experience with CHIIDA Spa.


Aromatherapy Massage

Duration : 60 Hrs./ USD 300
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Ayuravedic  Ahbyanga Massage (Body or Head)

Duration : 60 Hrs/450 USD each
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Body Care & Treatment

Duration : 20 Hrs/250 USD
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Facial Care & Treatment

Duration : 30 Hrs/250 USD
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Foot Massage and Reflexology

Duration : 60 Hrs/300 USD
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Spa Business Administration

Duration : 30 Hrs/750 USD
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Sport Massage

Duration : 30 Hrs/350 USD
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Swedish Massage

Duration : 30 Hrs/250 USD
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Thai Herbal Compress

Duration : 150 Hrs/400 USD
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Thai Traditional Massage

Duration : 120 Hrs/350 USD
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Yoga Price (Adult)

Duration : 1 class/ 50 USD / person
1 group/150 USD/ 3- 4 person/day
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