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 IMG_7955        “Exotic Touch of Ayuravedic Lanna Healings Wisdom”

Our second branch is located in the town of Chiangmai and is designed to capture the Thai Lanna and Indian Concept as well as provide Ayuravedic therapy for a rejuvenating experience. In order to achieve this we employ a carefully chosen array of products and therapy methods to produce the desired healing results.
We offer a full range of resort spa services which utilize Asian Massage & Beauty Therapies including Thai Traditional Massage to provide a truly relaxing and revitalizing experience. In addition, we provide Ayuravedic therapies to complete the healing spa experience and promote a healthy   well-being through our caring selection of natural ingredients and organic products. In addition we feature a wellness session instituting Thai Yoga classes as well as a full yoga wellness program to rejuvenate and nurture your mind, body and spirit.

        IMG_7499Spa Treatment Facilities;

1) 6 Treatments Room and 1 outdoor Thai Massage Area
2) Yoga Studio
3) THAI Wellness & Massage Training Centre
4) 12 + 4 Treatments Massage Bed
5) Facial Massage Room
6) Spa Cuisine Restaurant
7) 2 Sauna & Stream Room ( Unlimited Access to Membership)
8) Swimming Pool
9) Reading and Meditation Area
10) Vichy Shower
11) Jacuzzi Bath
12) Spa’s Guest Locker

Signature Menu:

1) CHIIDA Lanna Harmony
2) CHIIDA Ayurvedic Lanna Massage Therapy
3) CHIIDA Ayurvedic Gold Ceremony ,

……see more details in Spa Menu Services

163/2 Cholpratarn Rd., Suthep, Chiang Mai THAILAND  

 More info and Reservation Call: +66(0)53 329 333 ext 132, 133

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