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CHIIDA Spa is a Thai Spa and development Company established in 2006. It is managed under the brand name CHIIDA Spa. It was founded in Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa, and was heralded in 2006 as one of the top FIVE Beautiful Waterfall Resorts of The World by the UK Independent Awards: Equipped with a fully operational spa facility and training centre in Chaingmai province, it meets all the requirements for a resort spa. In addition, we have a training team for therapists in Bangkok & Chiangmai, THAILAND.
In 2008, CHIIDA cooperated with Best Western Hotel & Spas to open a franchise allowing us to extend our serves to their guests.

We offer a full range of resort spa services which utilize Asian Massage & Beauty Therapies including Thai Traditional Massage to provide a truly relaxing and revitalizing experience. In addition, we provide Ayuravedic therapies to complete the healing spa experience and promote a healthy well-being through our caring selection of natural ingredients and organic products.
In addition we feature a wellness session instituting Thai Yoga classes as well as a full yoga wellness program to rejuvenate and nurture your mind, body and spirit.

2006 – present: CHIIDA SPA at Sukantara Cascade Resort: Chiangmai THAILAND

2007 – present: Training spa centre (corporate); Bangkok THAILAND

2009 – present: CHIIDA SPA at Best Western Chiangmai Hotel; Chiangmai THAILAND

2009: CHIIDA SPA in Zurich and Set up Zurich Home Base; Zurich SWITZERLAND

2010: Founded THAI professional Wellness & Massage Training Centre, Chiangmai, THAILAND

Last but not least, CHIIDA SPA is currently operated and developed the spa with futher expansion planed in many international markets as well as setting up strong professional team in Europe (Zurich Office) to reach into our clients’ homes.

CHIIDA SPA – Make wellness a part of your life.

Reward yourself with the lavish attention of the caring therapists at CHIIDA Spa. Nestled amidst Chiang Mai’s lush greenery, in an ancient Lanna architecture embraced by waterfall, CHIIDA Spa is the perfect location for an Ayurvedic and Lanna Natural Spa treatment.

CHIIDA Spa provides an extensive list of programs and treatments such as Ayurvedic-Lanna Spa Packages, Signature Oil Massages, Waterfall Therapy, Yoga training, CHIIDA Lanna Harmony, Ahbyanga Massage , Hot stone and Shirodhara treatments. Products used at the spa are all-natural and non-toxic.

At CHIIDA Spa conscientious attention is paid to every element and produces a completely rejuvenating spa experience. Spa courses include Mountain View yoga session in the morning, vegetarian cuisine and 100% natural product for spa treatments… a cornucopia of blissful rituals devised for your desires with intuition, imagination and expert touch.

New Branch’s Opening special package: CHIIDA Ayurvedic-Lanna Massage: a signature massage which stimulates the flow of blood, oxygen and “qi” (energy) around your body and brings deep relaxation and wellness | Baht 3,900, 1.30hrs. Complimentary transportation for any package.

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